Smart Surveillance Systems

CCTVs are the first step in surveillance. They also have inherent problems

Problems with CCTV systems

  • CCTVs can be turned off.
  • CCTVs can be stolen along with footage data.
  • CCTVs sometimes stop recording due to internal errors or wrong configurations.
  • CCTVs only record video, they can not prevent an intrusion.
  • Someone needs to constantly monitor a CCTV.
  • Remote monitoring requires connectivity and lots o bandwidth.

Advantages of a Smart Surveillance System

A Smart Surveillance System solves all the inherent problems of a CCTV. It uses computer vision and sensors to identify whats happening and what needs to be done about it...WHEN IT IS HAPPENING or in some cases when it is about to happen.

  • Detect, deter and report intrusions - when they are about to happen.
  • Monitor CCTVs when something worth watching is happening
  • Reduce internet bandwidth by 1/100th when compared to continuous monitoring
  • Keep a backup of important footage securely on the cloud
  • Connect and control all locations and assets remotely
  • Collect Data from Across Enterprise
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Costs a fraction of conventional monitoring solutions

Automation using Smart Surveillance Systems

Using various optional accessories that we provide as a part of the solution, a smart surveillance system can do a lot more at a remote site

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